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Happy 4th of July!  / Tomeeka Fair (Mommy)
Mommy had a really hard time this weekend! Hard in meaning that as strange as it may seem.  Everyone was right!  Time does have a way of healing all wounds.  I never imagined in the beginning that I would feel any type of peace in your going home to be with the lord.  But because of my desire to allow God to lead me to his peace.  Time did just that.  
This weekend your daddy, and I went to the beach.  I kept seeing you in every little boy that I saw.  I kept thinking that you should be here with us.  I cried on several different occassions, just because I longed for you to be with me running, and playing, and enjoying the water.  You loved playing in the water. I just imagined you running and playing in the sand with one of your balls.  Yelling, screaming, and laughing all day.  I imagined 4th of July with you.  I was sorta wondering if you would still be scared to play with the sparklers.  You didn't like them very much.  Then I imagined you riding the little carnival rides. I would have loved seeing you smiling and laughing trying to be littlle big boy.

It's funny how, now on most days I just miss you and I go on with my day.  But the holidays, really has its way of sneaking up on me and my feelings.  I began to feel sorry for myself.  I began all the shoulda, coulda, woulda's, and I just get very teary eyed.  I realize that I should never shed a tear for you.  You would never want to trade places.  However, I just always wish things could have turned out differently.  
Until I'm able to see you again I will try to remember that you are where I long to one day be.  And that when God says so I will be able to be with you in eternity.  Mommy loves you so much!
Prayer of Comfort and Peace  / Pastor P. Smith (Shephard)
I don't know how this tribute made it's way to my laptop, but I am so glad it did.  I want to say a little prayer for Izaiah's Family and for many families who have experienced the same tramatic situation.

Father God, In the Name of Jesus:

I release this prayer of faith for this family unto you.  First, thank you for it all.  Thank you for what we know and for what we don't.  Thank you for what we understand and for where we are confused.  Thank you. 

Thank you for giving your very own son to die a grueling but divine death, just for us.  Thank you for the blood of Jesus that is a fountain of love and forgiveness of our shortcomings.  Thank you.

Lord, I know you understand the emotions of this family in every way.  You being a Father understand the pain of this father.  You creating mother's understand the pain of this mother and you creating sisters, brothers, cousins and more understand the mix of emotions each may feel.  I lift up these precious people unto you and I ask that you heal their wounded hearts.  I ask that you ease their minds.  I ask that you strengthen their character and season them with grace.  I ask that you place your loving arms around them and let them know that they are never alone because you are always with them.

Lord, in their rememberance of this precious child, let not bitterness rob them of their tomorrows.  I pray against nightmares and tormenting thoughts.  I bind up discouragement and every negative thought that would try to exhalt itself against the knowledge of who Christ is in their lives. God, finally I speak peace to every heart that reads this prayer.  And, the peace of God that passes all understanding, keep your heart and your mind as you stay focused on Jesus, the peace giver.

In Jesus Name, I pray.  --   Amen. 
Dancing with the angels  / Carolyn Watson (Grandmother)

I share you pain of losing Zai, this year was hard for the family, when we were shopping for Christmas, my heart was heavy I kept looking at the little boy things wanting to buy for Zai.

God said a little child would lead them, and by Zai's passing to glory I have seen the spirt in you become more clam.  You have become more understanding of others feelings.  There is a song that says "If I can help someone along the way, then my living would not be in vain". Zai helps by just entering the room, with his smile, I could be down, thinking about a problem but when came in strutting I could not do anything but smile.

Although he was just two years old, he was wise beyond his time.  We all have an appointed time. I tell you all that we are only here for a season but when Zai left us. A piece of my heart left also, but we know that God is still on the throne and Zai is waiting for us to meet him in Glory, we will all be walking the streets of Gold.

I pray that God grants You, Terry, and Bri you the peace you are longing for.  Always remember I am only a phone call away.

I love you

Ma Ma Carolyn
The Fun Times  / David Stokes (Cousin)

Izaiah, my family and I frequently talk about the fun and joyous times we had, when you would come over our house and spend the night. I recall one time, when I was making you some chocolate milk and spilt the nestle quick on the floor, so I rushed to get a broom and dust pan but once I got back you were already sitting in it and playing with it; the nestle quick was all over your clothes and your shoes. I love you and wish to see you again soon.

My precious Angel!  / Tomeeka Fair (Mommy)
It has been over a month and I still cannot believe that I will never be able to hold you, kiss, smell, bath, or just correct you for being the little boy that you were.
I know that your purpose on earth was served. However it is so hard to let go of the baby I thought I would spend all of my life with. 
I still think of your future that I will not get to see.  I still look at your pictures just trying to see your beautiful lashes.  No picture that I have really ever captured their beauty. 
I still repeat the words that you said, trying to hear your voice in your distinct tone. 
I wish and pray to God that you will visit me in my dreams just so that I can hold you and kiss you all over and let you know that I still love you soooo much.  Bri misses you too.  Until we meet again we will always talk about you. She miss you telling her to eat her food.  And saying Bi  Bi, 
Izaiah I just want you to know that it was my honor to be your mom, and I thank God for the precious gift of life he gave me through you.  Even if it was only for a little while.  You brought our family sooooo  much joy.  We will never forget the memories that you left us with.

Your biggest fan,

Here's a truck like you use to play with.
Remembering you!  / Mommy   Read >>
Remembering you!  / Mommy
I'm remembering the little boy that I birth into this world.
That was the second best day of my life.  The first was when your sister was born.
It's amazing that God loved you and I so much that he gave us to each other.
I remember the moment that you were placed on my chest.
I thought awwwww how cute, but can they wash him off.
They wrapped you up in baby blankets and I said he's so beautiful, Terry who's nose does he have?
I knew instantly that you had my lips.  I could not wait to kiss yours.
You were so wrinkly and pale.  But you were just so amazingly handsome, cute, beautiful, tiny, adorable, God's precious gift to me......
I thought this little one was worth every contraction.
I instantly loved you more than life itself.
I was so very proud and honored to meet my very on little man.
I couldn't wait to introduce you to the world, I couldn't wait to introduce you to your sister.  I had prepared her for your arrival. But I still wan't sure that she understood that she now had to share Mommy & Daddy.
But it was still exciting just knowing that we had this amazing addition to our family.
Izaiah, you were a wonderful baby, you weren't that spoiled! You sorta went to anyone! 
Ok you were very spoiled and you preferred Mommy, Daddy, and   Bri Sche on occasions.  
Patsy thought that you were a piece of cake. The little children at Patsy's house loved you.
Our trips to Maryland were funny! You use to show your behind!  You did not like anyone trying to take you out of your Mommy's arms.  You use to give my family the blues. Boy you would cry, cry, cry, but once they put you down, you were straight boy.  You would be all over the place with your older cousins.  You thought you really could keep up.  You enjoyed going outside with them playing football, running, laughing, and just being outdoors.
I remember that you loved bath time. With the right amount of toys in the bath you had a ball. Now what you weren't a fan of was bed time.  You would cry, cry, cry, unless I laid down right beside you and rub your back until you were asleep.  I enjoyed this as much as you did.  I really miss going to bed with you, when trying to just put you to sleep.
Izaiah, I miss you're little strut, you had the meanest walk. You were the shortest kid with the meanest walk.  Your walk and stand had so much personality.  I think you got that from my Daddy. you had the coolest personality.  I miss having you in my life just to laugh at your daily growth.  Watching you explore this world was such a blessing.  You taught me patience more than anyone I know. You taught me not to take life so seriously. But the most important lesson that you taught me,  was that tomorrow's not promised.  I guess you taught me this the hardest way ever.  I wish that lesson would have came at a different time in my life.  Because I soooooo was not prepared to learn it that way.
Izaiah, I love you today, tomorrow, and forever.
Love Mommy!!!!!
(((XOXOXOX))) / I. LOVE YOU   Read >>
I love you all & I live on in each & every one of your hearts Close
SO CUTE  / &. PRECIOUS   Read >>
RIP Beautiful baby Boy~~~~God LOVES YOU so much he took you back home to be with him...your family chain is broken but as Jesus calls you home one by one it will link again Close
Thinking of Izaiah  / Shanae Blunt (Friend)  Read >>
Thinking of Izaiah  / Shanae Blunt (Friend)
You know I can't get to Carlos' birthday without thinking about Izaiah. This is our 2nd go around and we've been thinking about Izaiah like crazy. Whenever people ask us abort Carlos' middle name we have to share about Zaiah and believe that's another way of spreading your message about window safety and children.

Do you not know that God stores everyone of your tears and puts them in a bottle to remember? Psalms 58:6 He has surely surrounded you with his grace, love, and mercy. Continue to be strong, even though you may fell weak at times, HE is your strength!!!!!
Missing you !!!  / Tracy Hager (cousin)  Read >>
Missing you !!!  / Tracy Hager (cousin)
I remember that night that I kept you over night
and you were missing Tomeeka so much. I walked the floor with you, I talked to you, I rocked you, I sang, I tried to give you a bottlebut nothing worked until you cried yourself to sleep for about two hours and, I had to set up in the bed with my back up against the wall until you did go to sleep . Then your mommy called and said I'm on my way to  get him it was 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning (that was funny)

I love you 
I miss you
You are still in my prayers.  / Quiana Riley (Friend/CoWorker of Tomeeka )  Read >>
You are still in my prayers.  / Quiana Riley (Friend/CoWorker of Tomeeka )
I just wanted you to know that you are still in my prayers and I admire your strength and your faith.  You are such a wonderful person and I pray that God will continue to embrace you as you still heal and live off of memories.  

You amaze me,

Riley Close
Prayer / Raychell Abron (NONE)  Read >>
Prayer / Raychell Abron (NONE)
I came across this website while trying to find a charles and taylor song STILL GONNA PRAY.  Lord knows I was not trying to come across something so tragic.  But he has a way of speaking to us by any means necessary.  The weather is getting warmer and I am a mom and a window person.  My daughter is 5 years old and loves to yell out of the 2nd floor window at the kids across the street.  The lord must have led me to this site and I thank him right now.

I pray peace and comfort for your family.  I dont know you but we are all one family in the body of christ and when one hurts we all hurt.  God bless keep and comfort you like only HE can.

Yours in Christ
Raychell (Nicky) Abron
naya loves you  / Kenaya Fair (sister)  Read >>
naya loves you  / Kenaya Fair (sister)
when you died i was said because it was only 2 years that  you were on this earth, but now i know that you are in  a safe place now with god  and we love 4 ever and always Close
A tribute to Izaiah's memory in SC that will live on.  / Tina Oliva (friend)  Read >>
A tribute to Izaiah's memory in SC that will live on.  / Tina Oliva (friend)
I want to let you know i finally bought a laptop and able to see izaiah wonderful site. I have already added it to my favorites. Me and Aryanna are looking at it now. She was me to put " I love and miss Izaiah." I am amazed at all of the pictures I am so glad y(ou were able to capture some many memories. I have his picture that I had to take him to take him to get) on my desk. Once I am able to get my scanner working I want to put the one picture of Izaiah and Aryanna on his web site. I still remember the day clearly and will never forget it. I wish I was able to be blessed with memories of him older, but atleast I can view his pictures. You did a wonderful job raising him. He looks so happy in mostly all of the pictures. I love what you have written about him. You knew Izaiah so much. When I heard of the tragedy that happend. I cried. Christopher was just a little younger then Izaiah. His memory will live on in this family, and will also help to spread him message about window safety. I shed a tear now of happiness and grief. I grief for your son and your family, and happy that your blessed with him even though his time was to short for any of his. You raised a beautiful son. You did a wonderful job being a mom to Isaiah, and his father needed him home. I miss you and everyone asks about you at work. Close
sympathy / Hurtis (none)  Read >>
sympathy / Hurtis (none)
My condolences to you. God knows.. all you have to do is keep the faith! Close
Happy Birthday  / Dessa Smith (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Dessa Smith (Friend)
A valentine for you angel  / Rosemary Sis Of ^j^ Alvin Cremeans   Read >>
A valentine for you angel  / Rosemary Sis Of ^j^ Alvin Cremeans

I hope your day is as sweet as you angel.
sis of ^j^ Alvin Cremeans

izaiah / Izaiah Braithwaite (friend)  Read >>
izaiah / Izaiah Braithwaite (friend)

I woul like to say hello and pass on our condolences, my son izaiah who is 5 yrs old put his name on to the address bar and thats how we come across you, my izaiah seemed quite convinced it was him on this site then i kindly read the story of you izaiah. 

this is very upseting but something that is easily done r.i.p baby we will be thinking and praying of you always xx

. / Gail Mom Crystal Earnhart (^l^ friend )  Read >>
. / Gail Mom Crystal Earnhart (^l^ friend )
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  / Ruqqiayah Sabour (sister of Beyyinah )  Read >>
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  / Ruqqiayah Sabour (sister of Beyyinah )
I just wanted to stop pass and wish Izaiah and his family a happy thnksgiving. Peace Close
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