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October 15th...Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day.  / Maria Boone (Friend/Elijah's Mommy )


Remembering your precious Izaiah on this bittersweet day, that includes our toddlers as well.  I pray that God comfort & heal your heart Tomeeka.  May God bless you abundantly as well as your family who I know miss him and love him so very much.



EVER DEAR!  / Shayla Sowter (I had a son named Izaiah who passed away too! )

Those who you love don't go away,
They walk beside us everyday.
Unseen,unheard but always near,
Still loved,still missed,
Ever dear!!!

precious angel  / Frances Lee (Mom to angel Adam )
I am so sorry at the loss of little Izaiah, what a precious little angel he is. I lost my baby early this year so I know too well the pain.  You have good precious memories of your baby and you should hold on to them.  He is wonderful and perfect in every way, and he is so proud of the wonderful site you have created to honour him. I was just going through the sites looking for someone when your site caught my eye, and your story touched my heart.  thinking of you at this time.

Frances Lee
Beautiful little boy  / Karen Welburn (another angel mum )
I just wanted to say that this is a beautiful site for your lovely baby boy Izaiah. I lost my little girl earlier this year and know the grief and yearning for them, whilst accepting that they of course have been called home.

Little Izaiah (as I hope with my daughter) will never ever be forgotten - look how many lives he carries on touching - me a complete stranger but now I carry his memory with me aswell.

With lots of love, strength, peace and happiness to Izaiah's parents, sisters and family.

Kayles mumxx

My condolences  / Alma Mills (another angel's mommy )
I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Izaiah. I know your pain I lost my baby on Jan. 2005. I pray the Lord will always comfort you and cover you with his love and peace.
Alma Mills
One Moment at a Time  / Melanie Gilliam (Friend of Izaiah's Mommy )  Read >>
One Moment at a Time  / Melanie Gilliam (Friend of Izaiah's Mommy )
No words can take away the pain that you feel.  Be comforted in knowing that you have friends and family to support you through this time.

If taking one day at a time seems to be too much, simply take one moment at a time. 

Tomeeka, thank you for being a daily reminder to me of how to weather the storm and trust in God, even when your heart is broken and you don't understand.  You are truly a blessing!  May God bless you and your family and give you peace....

Melanie Gilliam Close
Bereavement Parents Wish List.  / Tamara Johnson   Read >>
Bereavement Parents Wish List.  / Tamara Johnson
Wow!  Thank you for taking the time to explain to me how your truly feel.  I can't imagine your pain.  No one really knows how it feels until it happens to them.

I don't know what God has in store for you because we make plans but he only has the master plan.  Most of the time, I give advice from my own experiences and this is one subject that I need lessons on.
After Harold died, for years I continued to visit the grave site to talk to him as if he was still here.  Always remember that the only thing that's constant in the world is change and with time wounds do heal.  They may never go away but they heal.
So very sorry  / Jennifer Reed   Read >>
So very sorry  / Jennifer Reed
I dont even have the words to express the sorrow i feel for you and your family. I know that the pain, is so overwhelming, I know because I feel it every day. I dont have words of comfort, or advice. Pray. Give the pain over to God, best you can. God bless you and your family


Beautiful!! / Pamela McBroom   Read >>
Beautiful!! / Pamela McBroom

To Izaiah's family, The website is beautiful! The pics show a very happy boy with a bunch of other happy people. The pics of Izaiah are adorable! The show a wonderful zeal for life. Your message to other parents who have lost children is very encouraging, also. Thank you! I couldn't listen to the song you mentioned, Only for a While, so I will try to find it on the web. Are you able to list who sings it on the site? I haven't gotten that far with my son's site yet (Michael). Thanks again, and God bless you, Pamela Close
hey lil man  / Raven Hager (cousin)  Read >>
hey lil man  / Raven Hager (cousin)
hey lil man, this is your big cousin raven i wanted to let you know that we miss you so much, even though i didnt get to see you much i still love and miss you and i will always have that memory of us over cousin tracy's house of you playing with that ball and when u and your little cousin aneya was playing with the ball together it was so funny and those memories mean so much to me and i will never forget them or you, but until i see u again just always remember that your big cousin raven misses you and love you sooooooooo much and i just wish i could pick you up and hold u to tell you that, but you will never be forgotten u are forever in my heart
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I feel you.  / Izaiah's Mommy   Read >>
I feel you.  / Izaiah's Mommy
These words express exactly how I feel.  Thank you Maria Boone (Elijah's Mommy) for expressing my feelings.

"All I want to do Lijah is go through my days thinking of you and crying for you all day everyday and just lay in my bed and grieve but we both know that I can't and that I am forced to move on for your brothers.  I love you Lijah.  I love you so much.  We are doing so many things and I feel guilty for doing them, going places, having fun without you, etc.  Your purpose and my purpose is becoming more and more evident to me now Elijah.  Your death will not be in vain.   You mean so much to me Lijah.  I wish that everyone knew how great of a loss this is for your daddy and I.   I luv da Lijah."
   Maria Boone Close
An angel sent from Above  / Carolyn Watson (Grandmother)  Read >>
An angel sent from Above  / Carolyn Watson (Grandmother)

From the time Izaiah was born, I knew he was different from other little babies, I believe it was something in his eyes the way he looked at you
as if he could see your soul.   I Ioved him so very much, I remember daily his smile and his frown, when I would make him go to sleep when he stayed the night. the way he look when I said stop that running before you hurt yourself, and no sooner my back was turned, he would start again with his football hut set go.

I am thankful that God lent him to us for a season such as this and when his job here was done, he was called home to sit at the right hand of the father, for this is a place of honor!

 I know that Izaiah'wish for all that miss him is to live each day to the fullest, loving each other, and taking care of the ones he left behind.

I love you Izaiah.

Grandmom Carolyn

Hi baby,  / Gina   Read >>
Hi baby,  / Gina

That day I had called you I had went on his website and it said to talk to tomeeka click here well anyway it did not send my message so

I tried to go back to the original email from you and I got a message saying I could not reply that way that’s when I called you and we played

The usual phone tag, I was trying to send you some encouraging words that day. There is not a prayer that I say that you and your family are

Not included in I was basically saying in the undeliverable email how beautiful the website is and that I admire you for your strength, I respect

You as a mother, and I honor you as my friend. I know sometimes it may seem that you’re the only one who is thinking about him but remember

This your son made an impact on everyone who came in contact with him whether it was for five minutes or five days as a matter of fact I need

Whenever you feel like this please continue to reach out like you did today and I do apologize for not checking on you as much as I could but that is because

You always seem to be doing fine and when I do talk to you I am skeptical about mentioning him because this is still fresh and I am sure some

Times the mention of his name can reduce you to tears, but whatever I can do to make a bad day better please don’t hesitate to let me know

I am always here for you even if we don’t talk everyday because when we do talk its like we never missed a day so please know I love you, I am

Here for you and this will get easier I promise you.


Your friend for Life

Just All Boy!  / Oneka Williams (Friend of Mother )  Read >>
Just All Boy!  / Oneka Williams (Friend of Mother )

He was such a blessing Tomeeka, of course I've know you pre Izaiah and I have seen your growth both mentally and spiritually.  I remember talking to you on the phone while you where driving to get Bri and hearing his laughter in the background.  Of course he was into something, coming in and out the car seat or something.  I remember you fussing at him and just enjoying it because he didn't pay it no mind.  You always said he just knew he was in control of things.  Just All Boy!   Just listening to your voice while you talked about what joy he brought you made me so excited for you.  You had such a peace and joy in your countenance.  It seemed he brought you to another level in life.  He was definitely a gift from Our Heavenly Father.  He was a blessing to so many, though you didn't know it listening to your interaction with him brought me hope and joy because seeing him change you made me know that God was working in your life and it encouraged me to continue to be hopeful.  He is in a better place still continuing in his mischief and continuing to spread joy.  His memory will never die.  An angel such as Izaiah that is sent amongst us that brought such joy and change could never stop being remembered. I need you to remember that!  May God grant you peace when you feel week and may He send you remembrance when you need to feel his touch.   I love you and your family and will continue to keep you lifted up in my prayers.  

Forever / Tamara Johnson   Read >>
Forever / Tamara Johnson

 Izaiah will forever live in our hearts and mind. Close
I'm There......  / Wandy   Read >>
I'm There......  / Wandy

Remember whatever is God's will will be done in his time..

I love you just the same I can never understand how my pain and life experiences can help someone when they are down, but it is not for me to understand God knows why and that is all that matters.  I trust in God that he loves me that much that he will never hurt me or foresake  the will of his mercy... Continue to have faith in our Father God and he will coutinue to bless you  in ways that only he can.  Keep on Pressing-  PRESS     it's not gonna be easy but TRUST me when I tell you this: Everyday the pain gets easier to bare...

I want to share something with you that helps me want to live another day without my mom, dad, johnny etc.

I never understood death and I blame God for not sparing me such pain as I went through, with saying all of that it has really help me to grow.  In the midst of all of the pain and blaming towards God.. I found God. 

He saved me... see we don't know why things happen the way they do they just do... it's Gods' plan we have nothing to do with it.  But, when you think no one understands, when you can/t eat, sleep think, get dress, bath,,,, etc..  I know what you feel... I lived it for 6 months-
Know that God has a light at the end of this dark tunnel for you .... You will survive

Please don't let your hurt consume you let it work for you do what you need to do to survive and Press... I will be right here for you whenever you need me and so will God.  Fall to your knees whenever you need to and spill out what is on your heart- he will provide you with a quiet whisper to let you know he is right there and that things are gonna get better.  I figure out that the things that has happen to me has put me in the postion to share my testimony for sister like yourself.. I love you Tomeeka and guess what:  You are gonna make it..  You are actually gonna make it... smile

God is always on our side when we can't depend on our on self...   Stay on your knees it will help you to one day STAND..

Remember When.  / Kisha Mason   Read >>
Remember When.  / Kisha Mason
It's going get better as time goes by. Keep remembering all the good times and funny things about Toots and you'll always have a smile on your face.










BALL BALLbasketball hoop gif



Tomeeka / C. Kimbrow, Jr.   Read >>
Tomeeka / C. Kimbrow, Jr.
I never had an opportunity to see your child but based on what I was able to uncover from you, you have a warm and peaceful spirit well in my presence and you always had a loving word of kindness for me always wanting to help and assist me when able...you are a strong driven and determined black woman.  In you there is an inner peace which you have to tap in on?  Nothing is too big for you and nothing ever will be too big for you because you are wonderful and must believe that Tomeeka.  Nothin can seperate you from the Love of God know this very thing in your heart that GOD placed your child in your womb and HE helped you bring forth his life and his living.  Even for a short time that little one blesses you he was in the family physically and now remains there mentally and spiritually.  Tomeeka, you have your other children that you must raise and they need to see you POWER and your STRENGTH so that that can make it through in dark and grim days.  The mother and the wife is the LOVING SOURCE from with the family draws HOPE from as well as understanding.  Yes, you are a TENDER VESSEL, but you have the shoulders of your husband now to fall into at night or when you just need some understanding~Teach him to just sit back sometimes and be silent so that he can listen to you and hear what it is you need from him. I saw in you love for children no matter the disability...they had at Rock Creek and if it be God's Will Tomeeka you will have greater than you could ever lose...
In closing, Our Father and Our God we come before you humbled and bowed down for the sake of your LOVE and the appealing desire of Your Mercy and Grace to see Tomeeka through all the rough days and the hard times. Fill her up with Your everlasting HOPE and let her know that in You she is NEVER alone! Teach her to stand firm and stand strong in her home and on her job so that others may come to her and address her POWER and the source of her belief in you. I do not know what she stands in the need of Father but you know so bless her in the city and outside of the city. Bless her womb, heart, mind and spirit so mote it be from YOU through Jesus Christ...Amen. Amen.Amen. Selah!
God will take care of you....  / Doris "Tami" Dabney (Friend of the family )  Read >>
God will take care of you....  / Doris "Tami" Dabney (Friend of the family )
Find comfort in God's Word, it will get you through...Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not to your own understanding, but in all of your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path... Proverbs 3:5-6

An old hymn: Be not dismay whatever be tide, God will take care of you, beneath is wings a love abides, God will take care of you. God will take care of you through every day oh all the way, He will take care of you, God will take of you... Close
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